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Capitol is an outdoor advertising company with a focus on traditional forms of outdoor advertising media, such as spectacular wallscapes and billboards. Capitol is in an aggressive growth mode and over the past few years has expanded into several top-30 US markets. Still, when it comes to Washington DC outdoor advertising companies, Capitol has few competitors that can match its significant presence in DC.

With wallscapes and signs on RFK Stadium, The Verizon Center, Nationals Park, and Washington Kastles Stadium, Capitol's outdoor advertising services are unparalleled in DC when it comes to high impact national stadium outdoor advertising units. If you like our Washington, DC billboards, take a look another top-6 market in which we feature exclusive high-end units: San Francisco billboards.

With over 20 years in the outdoor advertising business, Capitol's phenomenal experience, premium locations, and nationwide coverage will get you all the recall, impact, and impressions you need to make your campaign an overwhelming success, and position your brand for maximum exposure. With modern-day innovations in out of home advertising services billboard marketing is now better than ever, and you can tailor your campaign for exactly the kind of foot traffic, road traffic, and impressions you need. Outdoor advertising is catching up with other advertising media allowing outdoor billboard marketing companies like Capitol to provide you with amazing products and landmark units that will cover major arteries in and out of the District.

No Longer a Shot in the Dark

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising has never been in question, but whereas in the past advertisers put up outdoor billboards on faith, today we can furnish our clients with the numbers to back up the merits of our outdoor advertising solutions. Out of home advertising services can now be measured like never before. You can now choose solutions based on foot traffic, demographics, income, etc. Today's outdoor adverting products are backed by cutting edge solutions to maximize your marketing campaigns.

Capitol is where it's at

At Capitol we recognize that all the advances in technology are all in the name of one thing: visibility. With billboard marketing and any sort of out of home advertising all the technology in the world can't compensate for a bad location. That's where our outdoor advertising company really shines, because every single one of our DC billboards are strategically located for maximum impact and exposure. We have premium locations throughout the city in all the hottest neighborhoods to ensure that your message will have the brand recall and top-of-mind you're looking for.

Value for Money

Whether you need spectacular wallscapes, outdoor billboards, or eight sheet posters, Capitol is the agency advertising company for you. We offer competitive rates, unparalleled inventory of premium DC locations, and years of experience in the DC market that you wouldn't find with other providers. We work with you to define your goals, set your budget, and customize the best package to maximize your marketing results.

Still The Best Way to Build a Brand

Out of home advertising is still the best way there is to build a brand. There is no question that the daily commute to and from work is one of the best times to reach your target audience. Even so, our units get consistent large numbers of traffic even during non-rush hour parts of the day, because of the incredible amount of movement in and around the city for sporting events, concerts, monument areas, museums, cultural events, government events, political events, and national conventions. Washington DC is truly a global cultural hub, and as such you can be sure our units get an amazing amount of high quality traffic throughout the week. So, give us a call today to learn how we can help you take your DC outdoor advertising campaigns to the next level.

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